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How much yeast do you use?


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I am curious to find out how much yeast distillers use when starting up their fermentation. Here's a little poll on my blog. I'd appreciate a moment of your time very much! And yes, the outcomes will be shared, so we can all learn a bit from how others do things!

Here's the link:


Regards, Edwin.

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Wrong link, but the answer in my opinion the more the better. Now if using box yeast this could get expensive. If using a jug yeast or a commercial dry strain cultivated in a Dona tank so you do not have to buy new yeast all of the time, then you could add as much as you want. In that case use about use twenty percent of your fermenter capacity of the Dona yeast. It will po right off. Just be sure to use a good clean yeast, this is normally accomplished by adding hops to your yeast mash, either by boiling or adding extract. This keeps lacto out. A lot of the old timers added soy meal to feed their yeast and sulphur in addition to the hops.

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