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Maine Statutes and Regs (Control State)

Scott @ Twenty2Vodka

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I plan to add to this thread over time with relevant info and forms. Please contribute if you have updated or useful info.



Maine Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations - http://www.state.me.us/dafs/bablo/

" The Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations (BABLO) is proud of its commitment to providing the most satisfactory public service for the complete distribution and sales of Powerball, Tri-State Pick 3 and Pick 4, Tri-State Heads or Tails, Tri-State Megabucks, instant lottery tickets, and the pricing, listing and delisting of spirits and fortified wines.

Through the assistance of the Commission the bureau effectively regulates the beverage alcohol industry in Maine by insuring responsible business practices and creating a favorable economic climate while prohibiting sales to minors."

Maine Department of Agriculture - http://www.state.me.us/agriculture/

National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association - http://www.nabca.org/

Please check out the poll.

More to come later.



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Yes we have redemption on spirits, wine, beer, soda, juice,... As a producer/retailer we collect the 0.15 which gets sent to the state via monthly returns. The return amount is offset by any redemptions. Redemption centers collect empties and get 0.18 from us if we pick them up. Yes we get to pick them up too or hire a company to do it (I think they get around 0.25). Oh what a wonderful "system"



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