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square still


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I fully realize this might be a stupid question... But is there any reason a still boiler can't be square or rectangular instead of round? If fabbing your own... Any reason not to weld four sheets together, put a bottom and top on it and attach a column...


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It will work. But You'll probably find you get an uneven heat distribution throughout the vessel compared to one with rounded sides/bottom. Also a square container is much harder to clean. There is also drainage issues. Im assuming this will be direct fired. if so you probably arent going to put a drain on the bottom. If you are draining out of one side, you will need to pitch the bottom to that side. You will still get liquid stuck in the corners. I suppose you could put the drain right in the corner. Structurally, flat walls aren't nearly as strong as round walls with a dished bottom or even round walls with a flat bottom. Those are just my initial thoughts. Have fun and good luck.

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But round and square aren't the only options for a still pot...

you could roll a cone and put a cylinder on the top, and then another cone...

You could fab a still out of flat plate shaped like those dice from my Dungeon and Dragons days. (that'd be cool...I might just do that myself!)

You could make a still out of a cylinder on it's side.

I'd also suggest looking at kettles on sites like www.bidonequipment.com and www.sigmaequipment.com. You can pick up a 500 L steam jacketed or bain marie kettle for less than $3000 (I bought one for making soda syrup for $720) that only needs a top of any shape and a column. Be creative! A uniquely shaped still is part of the story!

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