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Looking for an Insurance Company

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We keep running into underwriters who say we need to have the place sprinkled. We are set up in a CMU (Block) building with steel roof trusses and have been told by both our local inspector (We have a certificate of occupancy) as well as a fire engineer that we don't need sprinklers because of our low quantity as well as local zoning.

Anyone able to point us in the direction of your insurance carrier who didn't require you to have sprinklers?

Mucho thanks in advance!!

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I do not know if you were ever put in touch with anyone back during your inital questioning but I am most certainly the guy to assist you. We do not require your building be sprinkled and better yet, I am the only insurance professional able to offer you an accurate and adequate valuation for your product that no one else in the counrty has access to. Please give me a call on my cell phone at 307-752-5961 and I would love to discuss this issue further.

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