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Books on Brewing and Distilling


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Someone suggested a thread I think it's a good idea. Personally, I'd make this a sticky.

For whiskey, I always recommend Ian Smiley's Making Pure Corn Whiskey. Not scientific, but basic info.

Google books has some of these available in limited preview. If you go to http://books.google.com/ and search "distilling" you'll find many books on the subject. Some old, some more recent. Some more useful than others.

Fermented Beverage Production

By Andrew Geoffrey Howard Lea, John Raymond Piggott

Published by Springer, 2003

ISBN 0306477068, 9780306477065

423 pages

Brewing: Science and Practice

By Dennis E. Briggs, Chris A. Boulton, Peter A. Brookes, Roger Stevens

Published by CRC Press, 2004

ISBN 0849325471, 9780849325472

881 pages

Handbook of Brewing

By William A. Hardwick

Contributor William A. Hardwick

Published by Marcel Dekker, 1995

ISBN 0824789083, 9780824789084

714 pages

"The book delineates over 900 chemical compounds that have been identified in beers, pinpoints their sources, gives concentration ranges, and examines their influence on beer quality."

Malting and Brewing Science: Malt and Sweet Wort

By Dennis Edward Briggs, James Shanks Hough, Tom W. Young, R. Stevens

Published by Springer, 1982

ISBN 0412165805, 9780412165801

914 pages

The TOC lists a whole chapter on floor malting.

Source Book of Flavors

By Gary Reineccius, Henry B. Heath

Published by Springer, 1999

ISBN 0834213079, 9780834213074

928 pages

I think there's a more recent edition than this one, but I could be wrong.

Aroma of Beer, Wine and Distilled Alcoholic Beverages

By Lalli Nykänen, Heikki Suomalainen

Published by Springer, 1983

ISBN 902771553X, 9789027715531

413 pages

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Any distillers read Making Gin & Vodka * A Professional Guide for Amateur Distillers by John Stone ? I've recently been reading a lot of distilling material, and this was the best I found from my (no experience) perspective.

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