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Farm Distillers, do you clean your grain?

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I am beginning to negotiate with a local farmer who is willing to turn some of his acreage over to organic and grow specific grains for me. He is asking if I can use it straight from the combine or if I need him to run it through a seed cleaner. For those of you growing your own grain or working with local farmers what are your thoughts and what are doing in regards to this?



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yes you want your grain cleaned. rocks, bugs, sticks, metal chunks,dirt clods and worse, can all be picked up during harvest. not only are these bad to have in your mash, they can break grain mills and pumps.

Milling uncleaned grain is a fine way to ignite a grain explosion (sparking). You want magnets in as many places as you can manage in your grain handling path---and you need to clean the magnets regularly.

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