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Fermenting Rye


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I am having trouble getting fermentation to finish. Strike water is 160F, 5.5 PH. Add 60% Rye flour and 40% Distillers Malt flour. Conversion seems to happen pretty fast, but I hold at 155 for 1 hour anyway. Then crash cool mash to 90F. I start at about 18 brix. Then pitch distillers yeast. Everything starts out great, in about 24 hours I get to 11 brix (I know that isn't totally accurate with the alcohol in the mash, but easiest way to quickly measure with grain in). Then fermentation pretty much halts. I was thinking maybe the mash was too hot and killing the yeast, so I added more yeast when temps cooled, but still no more fermentation. Clearly I am doing something wrong. Please help. Thanks.

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