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Making liqueurs

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If Calcim acetate has GRAS then the TTB should allow it. To my understanding the TTB's stance on ingredients is if the FDA allows it then they do - the TTB is for the protection and inforcement of spirit types and tax collection, not the regulation of allowable ingredients.

I believe the industry norm is to add glycerin as a thickener and means to keep particulate solids in suspension. Tho axanthan and acacia are in all my sodas..

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I have heard of people using specially treated pectin to thicken liqueurs and fruit wines before. Not sure if that would work though. I would vote for the more sugar option. I've been making a wide range of liqueurs through cold maceration at home for quite a while and am now doing it professionally. I'd be more than happy to help you out with any of your questions. Shoot me an email and I'll answer as many of them as I can. Notably, I saw a limoncello at one of my local liquor stores last week that was pretty much solid, you could turn the bottle upside down and it would barely move! I keep my limoncello thin and focus more on the flavor.

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