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Toasted or Charred barrels for unique whisky


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I've got a new project underway: a whisky distilled from full-flavored craft beer. I'm teaming up with a local brewery for the mash/wash. Working on the stripping runs as I type. Really excited about this project, however, it is my first go using oak barrels...

My goal is to produce a whisky with a flavor profile more reminiscent of the beer from which it was distilled rather than being oak dominant. With this goal I'm currently intending on using 15 gallon medium toast barrels. The hope is this will allow for a rather quick oaking (~6 months) that is still apparent but subtle.

Since my goal is to leave the beer from which the whisky was distilled as the dominate flavor profile I'm going with a med toast barrel rather than charred. Sounds like many craft whisky distillers are using charred oak barrels and hence that is why I'm seeking opinions in regards to my project. I'm thinking a charred barrel would bring too much oak into the spirit. Shouldn't need the charring to clean up the spirit either as the cuts are being made very conservatively.

So, what is your opinion? Should I go the route of a toasted barrel or utilize a charred barrel?

I appreciate any and all opinions/insight. Thanks!

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