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Handwriting the ABV & Proof on labels


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I recently came across a producer making liqueurs who writes in the ABV & Proof on each label. The labels have a blank space next to the ABV then writes the % in with a black marker. It seems to me an easier way to deal with different batches. When I was going thru the COLA process, I asked the TTB if I could have the labels approved with a blank space next to the ABV so I could write in the actual ABV of each batch and got no answer. Does anyone know if this handwriting the information on the label is in compliance with the TTB regulations?

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The second post was deleted - I lost the reply from the fellow who referred me to the Link to the page re: the allowable revisions of approved labels.

Thanks for posting the following link and pointing to line 11 - Yes one can handwrite the Alc by Vol on the label.

Allowable revisions to approved labels chart.pdf

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