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How does TTB handle moving locations & Upgrading Stills.


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How does it work with the TTB when you change locations or upgrade your still. Would we be able to purchase a small still and move it into a small location then apply for all our permits and do the waiting game in a cheap location then once we are accepted could we easily apply for a change of location and a still upgrade or would that take just as long as waiting it out in your final location


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Anyone have any idea on this? Would it be anytime savings to buy a small still we could use for R/D and get it set up in a cheap location and get all our paper work through while we finish planning out everything else? Then once we get all the paper work done we can order our main still and a final location.

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Sure you can do it. But you will wait an average of 109 days to get approval, and that was the figure last November, before the effects of the lockout of TTB employees kicked into effect. Then you would have another 90 days or so to wait for formulas and labels if both are needed, or 45 days if all you need is label approval.

I do not have a good estimate of how long it takes TTB to approve a change of location. I have heard 45 days, but I cannot vouch for that. My experience is that one persons story is just that. There really is no telling how long TTB will take to process an application, even if it is flawless.

If you do get the small still and do your testing in a small area, since you would have a permit, you could apply for and receive formula and label approval. That way, when TTB approved the move, you would be "good to go."

If you want to talk about this - I consult, but I would not charge harge for a talk about things like this - write me at dhdunbar1@gmail.com. If you follow posts, you will see that I share a lot of info here at no charge. Is it advertising? Sure it is, but its still free to anyone who wants to read it, whether they would ever consider hiring me as a consultant or not.

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