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What have you seen for COLA times?


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I'm within about a couple of weeks of submitting my first label to the TTB for COLA. I'm working with a marketing company that has done beer labels but never a spirit label. Over the last year I've read of COLA returns from the TTB between 1 to 6 weeks. Has anyone submitted one recently (after the last government shutdown)? What have been the turn around times you have seen? I'm hoping to have my retail/swag shop open by mid April and need to have COLA authorization for my vodka done by then. I'm hoping the worst case scenario is that the COLA is done but I'll have to print the labels using my printer until my printed stock comes in..

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We submitted immediately following the shutdown. It took about 5 weeks. If you need to speak to any one there. Call between 1 and 3 pm EST - That's when they man the phones. The people are very helpful. Be very specific when asking the questions. Their point of reference is the regulations.

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