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Digital / Analog ABV Meter


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Does anyone know of a commercial grade ABV meter that can output its data in either a digital or analog string? More specifically, read my spirits ABV instantaneously and send its alcohol content data out via a serial or LAN connection to trigger events via a third party control system?

And, I'm not trying to spend thousands of dollars for lab grade equipment!!!

Any ideas will help!

Thanks guys!



Wilmington Whiskey & Spirits Co.

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here is a quote I got last year from Emerson for a continuous monitoring abv, density, flow and temperature that does density to .0005 g/cc


It has the certification, level of accuracy and the bonus of continuous flow monitoring.

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You want a digital density meter or Densitometer.

My suggestion would be to get an Anton Paar DMA 35 densitometer. They are TTB approved for ABV measuring for tax and record keeping.


Or you could get a Microptix spectrophotometer. They are not TTB approved but I have heard good recommendations.


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ah, you are right. It was the DMA-58 and similar larger models that were approved. However, it is still an invaluable resource as far as general operation of a distillery. Just confirm using a hydrometer.

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