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Beginners group co-op


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It seems to me a lot of us are trying to get a distillery going. I know there are a lot of "consultants" out there that want to help at a hefty fee. Our posts are replied too by various experts, but we continue to struggle. We are competitors to some of the members of this forum and that make it hard on us. I think we need to unite and use our combined knowledge to help each other and network. We could do that as easy as a email group to communicate. Maybe together we can find the right person who may consult for us for a small piece of our business instead of a fee. Maybe as a "co-op" we can get better pricing on services and equipment. just a thought, it seems so many of us are struggling and i think together we can do better and learn from each other. I spend hours on this computer trying to learn and try to figure this stuff out This not intended as disrespect for this forum or forum members.

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The idea is interesting. The concept sound, but considering the competition is not just regional, it makes the execution of such a group to really work well, more than difficult.. There are businesses that maintain a group forum and have regular meetings to help each other out. Those groups tend to not compete with each other as they generally exist in different markets.

Honestly, I don't mind helping. There is however a point where I had to stop. Building someone's distillery and business got to be a real burden. Some things beginners need to learn for themselves. The truth is, this is a freaking tough business, the regulations, time and costs make it prohibitively expensive. The romantic notion of making a few bottles may work somewhere, but not in the state of Virginia.

If you want something bad enough you'll find a way, or go broke trying.

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Don't try to reinvent the wheel. This forum is about as good as you will find for information. Sure a lot of people will hold back advice so you overcharge your still and push your wash up the column wondering what the heck is going on...I've heard that can happen to some people...but I digress. Just find a good mentor, and spend a few bucks on good consulting unless you really have time to make all the mistakes without going into bankruptcy. Be creative and maybe don't quit your day job too early.

I am open to sharing and always have felt competition makes us all better, but I am no mentor. Every day is a learning day for me. If I have just one day where nothing goes wrong, I will likely drop dead of a heart attack. Ask questions and ignore the people who treat you like you don't belong. Just being here and trying makes you an equal. Good luck, and feel free to ask me anything you want.



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