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  1. Or any bottle that will take a 3 by 6 inch label.
  2. To all my old ADI friends and those who we have not yet met, I’m back in the whisky business. Highlands Distilling Co is my new home in Marion , VA, right off I-81 exit 45, Marion. It Is a continuation of Appalachian Mountain Spirits, which holds my vision and talent without the constraints of too many managers. Cheers to all! Mash
  3. Hi, Could I get more information. Heat up times, factory cut sheets, power source, voltage, amp draw. drains, more pictures, fluid type (oil, Glycol) etc. Thanks
  4. 2" side valve protected by stainless steel wall to prevent damage when using fork lift. The top also has a 2" capped opening. Sorry for the delay in responding, my alerts did not come thru. Mash
  5. Stainless steel. Typical square tank. We never used it but....it may be perfect for you. $1700 OBO. FOB
  6. Thanks, I will forward the concerns to the owner.
  7. Different State: but I didn't pick the name......
  8. I am setting up a new distillery for someone else. Highlands Distilling, I will be the master distiller and operations guy.
  9. After a three year hiatus, of bitterness and sorrow, old Mash is getting back into the game. True, my past is checked with government delays, and frustration but none greater than having a group of investors waiting for the million dollar payout, when I can't pay the bills. We had a good run, from the front side of the business, multiple awards, TV shows, documentaries and so on. Glad to be back, it's something I really loved.
  10. Good morning, I would like to put an offer in at $3000 for both. I've been hired to set up and run a new distillery. Purchase can be completed this week. Thanks, Scott Schumaker 276-782-0932
  11. Mike, I used to operate Appalachian Mountain Spirits. I am getting back into the whisky business and would like a quote for three, 350-gallon mash tuns. I would like to use them for fermentation and the mixer would be great. The name of the company is Highlands Distilling, but my appmtnspirits@yahoo is still valid. Thanks, Scott Schumaker (Mash)
  12. Check out Miss Dana, 725 liter still, set up for electric, steam injection, direct fire or any and all combinations. If your looking for a $8000 still, i also have a 200 gallon fully jacketed tank, with a 6" triclamp fitting off set on the top. Just need a column or copper head. Tank is also set up to move with a fork lift.
  13. Maybe a bad idea. I"m not an attorney, disregard post.
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