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ACDA Denver- Distillery visit recommendations?


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I visited Stranahan's in downtown Denver a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it.

It's a large company so it was with a tour guide and just the standard stuff you'd hear on any large company tour; nothing too in-depth. Still kind of cool and interesting. It also included a free tasting. If you are interested you have to register through their website (very painless).

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There are probably a good 10 or so distilleries within 30+ minutes of Denver. Not sure how available they'll be during the whole ACDA/Dstill week though.

We're 2 hrs from Denver, but if you're up for a road trip after ACDA wraps up, you/anyone is welcome to swing by.

We just got some fun new stuff online...




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Holy crap, Lenny! Nice work!

I like the silo and the little grant. And the still. I like it all!

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