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Capsules or Wax


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I'm using a Vitro Zeus bottle with a screw cap. Got the cheap look regarding the black plastic screw cap from a wholesaler. Trying to keep a craft feel, hit the premium market and keep costs down. Any thoughts or suggestions that would make the bottle stand out a bit more and conceal the screw cap closure. Thanks,

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Try looking into the NovaTwist closure, available exclusively through Vintner's Global Resource. If the bottle accepts a Stelvin screw cap, the NovaTwist will fit, but the threads will be concealed. It actually looks like a capsule that covers a bar-top stopper:

Vintners Global Resource - Bottle Closures - Screw Caps

Until recently, Knob Creek bourbon had a screw cap that they concealed under wax. You could do that also, I suppose.

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