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Bonded Access & Tasting Room delineation

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I originally added this to an older discussion but thought this might be better:

Being in NC, we're not allowed to sell our spirit in an onsite retail/tasting area. We are allowed tastings and we are planning to sell merchandise. Our hope is that the restrictions of selling spirit on site, post-tour may change. There is momentum in other controlled states and we're supporting the NC effort to prove out the revenue and tax opportunities to the state.

As we are working through our site plan with that in mind, we're trying to think through how to delineate for the potential opportunity to sell on site.

Appreciate help validating the following:

- Bonded area will include the still, all manufacturing equipment, filling, labeling and office space. Window walls (floor to ceiling). TTB security locks in place.

- Retail/Tasting Area will have bathroom and direct outside access

The bonded area does not have outside access in the current site plan. We can work with the architect to build it in but it may cost us. Our plan was to move finished product pallets out of bonded area through the retail space to get outside for shipment. Is this do-able/feasible?

Thanks in advance.

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