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  1. Hello ALL!!... Been a day since ive been on here !... Miss you all !!.. I am distilling about 2000 gallons of Gewurtztraminer wine that the customer wants to recover the alcohol for fortification and for sanitizer. Using a 200 gallon copper pot and as the spirit is coming out it smell like Tear Gas !!.. The taste is a little acidic but the smell is horrible .. Any ideas????... Thanxxx in advance !!.. Brian
  2. Hey Lenny .. Our bill passed the legislature but now we have to wait for the Governor to sign it ... Keeping fingers crossed !!!!!
  3. Cast iron plumbing in the floor as well !!!!!
  4. We use a shipping container for all of our aging and spirit storage ... It was on all of our drawings that were approved through the TTB for our DSP ... It is included in our bonded premises and I did have to file paperwork with the bonding company for consent to move spirits between the two buildings (across the parking lot) ... The container is identified as a "separate building" ...
  5. We went with a 12" Zurn with cast iron grate ...15 foot long.... The thing is huge !!! It will hold the full volume of a fermenter tank if the drain is clogged (300 gallon) ...
  6. Not sure what Fed ex states their policy to be but when you fill out the online bill of lading under special services you click "alcohol " shipment , and the have the choice of "consumer", or "licensee" ...
  7. Fed Ex does allow to ship direct to customer you do not have to ship to a licensed receiver .... The receiver must be able to prove that they are over "21"... It was a huge pain in the ass getting set up with Fed ex to ship alcohol.....
  8. Hey Alex ... Where are you at ????... PM me your contact info ..I can help ....Thanxxx Brian
  9. All dependent on the flavor profile you are looking for ... In New Mexico we have j. monosperma which are very piney and bitter .. Gotta make the call based on what flavor you like ...
  10. In the world of web and blogs this has helped us out a bit ... Reach out to him and he will probably feature your spirits as well !!!! http://youtu.be/qvZ57-vCe38 ..
  11. Second JamesBednar on the mash pump .. We use Waukesha Lobe pumps that are all stainless in 1-1/2, 2, and 2-1/2 they get VERY Heavy .. With motor and drive .. my 2-1/2 on the cart weighs 450 lbs..... These things will pump very heavy mash ... I bought mine off ebay in component level and built carts, added motors and drives ... Do some research , you can buy 3-5hp Allen Bradley or GE drives starting @ 15.00 ... Pumps usually in the 300-1000 price range .. Gear motors 1:4 to 1;6 ratio 100-300$$
  12. have you looked @ jetflowauger.com ????/
  13. That's the way it works in New Mexico .. We have whats called a "franchise" state ... Which means that you get to pick your wholesaler but once you do they basically own your brands indefinitely !!! The state actually provides the contract language so really there is no written contract ... And the states franchise agreement favors the wholesaler ... Classic good old boy government, but we have no other choice on the retail end here ....
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