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Costs for shipping bottles

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I'm curious, we are able to ship our wines, not our spirits. But I'm wondering what others who can ship bottles of their product directly are charging for that? I have bottle shippers, but I'm not sure what to charge to ship single bottles or cases. Any preference of UPS, Fedex, USPS?

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Here is my experience-

UPS would ship and break nearly all my spirits, until I filed a claim. Every single claim was denied as per "improperly packaged". That was a load of crap. Then refused to ship anymore spirits.

Fed Ex- Much better job, very little breakage. They don't ask, I don't tell.

USPS- no liquids, but never had a bottle break.

We do not ship spirits to consumers, but to industry and distributors.

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That is good to know. I haven't ordered many spirits in the mail, but when I have they were shipped fedex. I will keep that in mind.

I'm wondering how anyone doing direct shipping is charging the customer for shipping. Our square market page doesn't have a very advanced method of adding shipping charges, so if I were to do it, I'd need to set up some sort of blanket charges.

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