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Over 100 years old whiskey


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I need some help with this info regarding a bottle of whiskey over 100 years old here is the info:

The cap Reads Jefferson Club and has a Thomas Jefferson sig at the bottom of the cap

The neck label reads Straus Gunst sole owners Richmond Va Jefferson this whiskey ...ent and Superior

Main label has been gone for many years.

Pictures show some of the detail but are brown from age, bottle is hand blown and am guessing is somewhere between 100 and 140 years old.

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I found the image at a website called pre-pro.com. It is a pretty neat website that has a searchable database of pre prohibition distillers and brand names. For a lot of them, there will be images of bottles, shot glasses, and advertising. That brand name appears to have been used by several companies but was used by the Straus Gunst distillery possibly between 1895 and 1915. The website gives an address for the location of the company, their years of operation and the other brand names they produced.

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