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Is a barcode or UPC necessary?


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I registered with GS1 a few days ago, 10 codes for an annual fee of $150 and no prefix/base number.

Then I read these posts yesterday (I love this forum) and cancelled my registration.

I ended up buying 100 for $41.00 onetime cost, no annual fees from


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On 9/10/2014 at 8:16 PM, Kristian said:

Its worth the GS1 if you intend to sell with Kroger/King Soopers or Costco. It sucks to change later...

I've heard the same thing.  And especially if anyone is planning on selling internationally, I'm told GS1 is usually the only way to go (but I'm not sure how accurate that advice is)

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We list the few stores that either Do require renting GTINs from GS1 here: https://support.barcodestalk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000020092-will-my-bar-code-work-in-every-store-

As a few have pointed out, Kroger is on this short list, should also be known that Kroger helped form GS1 back in the 1970's. There's actually very few stores that force their vendors to rent, and usually the ones that do are literally in business with GS1 / on their board. It's not a conspiracy, it just makes them alot of money, and conflicted on the matter. 

Keeping that list of stores in mind should make it very easy to decide if you should rent or own your barcodes. Most businesses can save thousands of dollars by owning their GTINs vs renting, very few businesses are benefited (especially in the beginning) by starting with GS1. 

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