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A small batch of aged bourbon for sale

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We were allotted a small amount of bourbon whiskey we housed for a (non-distiller) partner.

The mashbill is 100% corn, distilled under 160 with good cuts made. It has been aging in Barrel Mill 5 gallon barrels for 18 months (!). It's a very good, very smooth product. We're selling it because it doesn't fit in our product lineup and we can't use it. If you're doing a market-bourbon program, this is a great way to add some ready-to-use inventory today.

What we have is about 190 proof gallons of it. It is at 113.6 proof. The total volume almost fills a 275 gallon tote. (1281.5 lbs of product at 113.6 proof)

We're asking $30 a pg FOB and you take it all. It's in one of our stainless bulk containers so you'll need to supply a container for it (we can supply a new IBC at cost).

It's ready right now, so first come, first served.

Please, we ask that only transfer in bond-eligible outfits in the US contact us.

Email me at DR@sixandtwentydistillery.com or call 864-640-0531

Thanks and Cheers!

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