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Well Deserved Appreciation


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Many of you know this story. You have your own. Some of you are starting to make up that story and will go through the same process. I share this for all of us who pursue craft as a testament to how we, the little guy, can find something good.

11 months ago I stepped off a flight in a cold and misty weekend in Amsterdam. I went to spend an afternoon with the founder of iStill, Odin. In the middle of a lot of decisions, I had to settle on one of the cornerstones of the business; the still. Really I was also interviewing for something more than that. I wanted a business relationship--not just the sales veneer that can come with a tool that can look as seductive as those beautiful stills that are out there. Prior to meeting Odin, I was running into some measure of "we have the perfect tool, but we're so busy...", and then I became a number.

Meeting Odin and seeing first hand the technology--and care--put into his products was a turning point for our business. Fast forward to this past weekend and I couldn't be any more pleased to tell you that we have the first iOne still, an i250 still, as well as a rocket ship that is the iStill Pump up and running in our distillery. Moreover, Odin and his Engineer came over to assemble and run the rigs. To say that is an understatement actually. They came and poured themselves into our situation--into the rigs, the first runs, the whole business. As a team we set it all up, processed two 1000 l of fermentations into rum and one 250 l of vodka. It was an experience that I couldn't ask any more of. While we have our Federal and State permits, we're not quite ready for the grand opening. Still, with the help of the tools I now have in place and the support of the iStill team I feel like I have a headstart.

This missive is my public thanks and strong endorsement for their products. The runs we did with them at scale were great. Not only is the support there, but the quality of the runs, the automation and control, the efficiency and for sure the value will knock your socks off. I won't belabor it anymore as I'm sure you'll see more information on the iStill blogs if you want--except to say that its all true. It all works as promised. Thank you Odin. Thank you iStill.

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Hi Roger,

Yeah, those were a few days to remember! Man, we worked our socks off! Assembling the stills, doing the first runs, getting the first product out and tasting it. My best memories are of all of us trying and tasting your first rum. Darn fine drink, right of the still! You are going to make quite the entry when that product hits the market place, Roger! Congrats on your progress and on your soon to open distillery, and thanks for letting us play a small part in the great adventure and business venture you are now living.

Regards, Odin.

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I'm just seeing this now and would like to ask you to show some dignity and grace on the forum. I understand that you have a bad experience with one of the 2 iStills you purchased. You've started your own thread on it and have continued to add to it, to the point of demonstrating your dated and prejudice disposition over who and what Polish manufactures are capable of. I have to say after meeting Odin's chief Engineer (from Poland) I was extremely offended by that last post of yours and the aspersion you lay against him and his group of workers with absolutely zero direct foundation or personal context. That guy is sharp, kind, *highly* energetic with a work ethic of 10 men and honestly, is just a good dude. To hear you generalize his efforts (and Odin's) into the failed efforts of a Yugoslavian company of 30 years ago is exactly the kind of uninformed expression that makes the rest of the world look at America and shake their heads with the sadness that comes from realizing too many of us know too little about the world. For what its worth, Poland is a different nation with a different history and different culture than the former Yugoslavia. Poland is a member of the EU and carries a higher than average OCED raking in terms of education.

I don't know where your animus will end for a $3000 still, but the next time you want to spew some more please 1) check yourself on far/over reaching statements that offend people you don't know (or apparently even know about), and 2) DON'T DO IT ON MY POST. You're entitled to your opinion. I've not offered any commentary even though I know both parties and more detail on the disagreement. Please, though, recognize I'm entitled to my opinion as well. I had a GREAT experience with Odin from start 'til now. For you to walk over to my yard to make a mess is uncalled for and I'll ask you to show some dignity and not do it again.


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Okay, I have just got to step in here and backup Odin. I purchased an Istill 250 in September of 2013, (I think I was the first one in the US). Odin was very helpful during the entire process and remains so today. We did have some problems with our unit, however Odin sent us replacement parts and upgrade parts at his own expense.

Our Istill 250 runs exactly as advertised and puts out an awesome product. Anytime you are dealing with people things can be misunderstood, taken for granted, or missrepresented. That is just the nature of people. I don't want to see a man's business damaged or destroyed because of a single indcident, maybe it"s time for a "Chill Pill" I am very happy with our still and the service we received in the installation and operation.

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Hi, I am new to the forum and feel I have a lot to learn. I am considering one or two of Odin's products. Can any of you guys point me in the direction of where to buy some Vodka made from Odin's equipment?


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