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Whidbey Island Distillery brings top liqueur rating to the U.S.!


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Sorry for the blatant pat on our own back, but we're over-the-moon proud to announce that Whidbey Island Distillery has achieved the highest rating among all liqueurs in the world— a 98 and Platinum Medal awarded by the BTI! We share the "superlative" 98 rating for our Blackberry Liqueur among only 3 others in the world and are the only Liqueur made in the United States to achieve that rating.


The 98 for our Blackberry and 94 for our Loganberry now make us the top 2 highest rated Liqueurs in the United States!

Again, sorry for the self-imposed pat on back, but we're just so excited to share the news. Thanks!

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James, I wish we would have known! We normally only open the tasting room on weekends (starting at 11:00 am), but my mom and/or dad are almost always there during normal business hours and happy to take guests (especially other distillers). So next time just drive on in (regardless of the open/closed sign) and knock on one of the doors. We'll make sure we take care of you.

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Congrats! Obvioulsy the hard work and dedication has served you well. I actual have had the Loganberry from a friend of mine that was out that way not to long ago. I like to taste products from all crafters and yours was amazing. Keep up the great work!

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