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Equipment For Whisky Distillation


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Equipment For Whisky Distillation
Output: 700 litre double-distilled whisky alcohol (from grain) at 40 per cent ABV in five days
Equipment for Grain Mash Preparation and Fermentation

Input: approximately 1,500 kilograms of grain for whisky
Grain milling – 1 X 1,000 kilograms per hour
• Mash/wash preparation tank, hot-water tank including tubular heat exchanger – 1 X
2,000 litres
• Fermenters & mash pumps – 2 X 2,000 litre
Distilling Equipment
Achieving approximately 700 litres of whisky alcohol at 40 per cent ABV in five days
• 450 litre pot-still with four plate side column including factory pre-piping, control cabinet
(heated by indirect steam)
Accessories and Services
• Pressured CIP pump for fermentation & distilling
• Steam boiler low pressure – 1 X 350 kilogram Steam/hr
• Cooling unit to chill distillate – 1 X 3 – 5 kW
• Mobile alcohol blending tanks, Adapters in stainless steel – 3 X 850 litres
• Alcohol tanks – 3 X 1,800 litre
• Filtration & chilling tank, alcohol pump – 1 X 850 litre
• Measuring, testing – 2 x 1 head bottling unit
• Hoses/reducers estimate at final layout
how about it,do you give more infornation,thank you
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