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Hi All from Australia

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Hi everyone,

I am a distiller from Australia. I've been making gin, vodka, bourbon, rum and other grain whiskeys for the past few years. I currently run a 5 plate Five Star Distilling Modular Bubble cap rig.

I have enjoyed the reading on the fourm as the commercial side interests me greatly.

One huge difference here in AU is the excise tax.. $79.22 per L of 100% ABV :wacko: due to this ridiculously high tax it makes getting off the ground a bit more difficult and staying afloat even harder as already the prices you need to sell liquor for are higher than the big boys making it very hard to compete.

Premium, niche products are therefore one way to draw attention and warrant the high prices. Still a lot more work to be done and I am enjoying trolling the fourm even if the information is US specific there is definitley a lot that can be taken from the comments here.



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Urrazeb, Don't forget that you have to pay 10% GST on top of the $79.22 which makes it $87.14 of TAX per litre of 100%

or $26.14 per 750 mL of 40%

Smirnoff Red Vodka $31.90 per 700 mL 37.2%

mcsology, you got your maths wrong, the tax is not quite that bad.

Our (Aus) tax is really bad, by the time the tax gets marked up through distributors and wholesalers as part of the overall cost, it adds about $50 to the price of a "craft" whisky.

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