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Max Number of COLA Submissions

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I have 4 approved COLAS right now. Just like everyone else, I'm having difficulty with 6 more right now, typical nonsensical runaround stuff. I read somewhere in one of these forums that its common to submit the same COLA multiple times (like 100 times loll). I never would consider this approach; however, I have certainly noticed that there is a maximum number of daily COLA submissions, and that number is something on the order of 100-200? I have always wondered why it was there. Now it makes sense, and I am considering cracking a bottle and spending a couple days doing nothing but flooding the system with these darn things.

Curious what sort of responses people have gotten from doing this...? More importantly, is it effective?



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If you want to greatly lengthen the time of COLA approvals for everyone using the system, then by all means submit to your hearts content.

If you stick to the type, class and any additional text that was approved on your formula then you should get COLA approval within one or two rounds.

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We submitted 20 initially and are planning on submitting another 50-60 in the next month. Our labels are all pretty similar so it's not a lot of work for the specialist to approve them. My suggestion is to establish a relationship with the specialist who works on your first submissions and then see if you can get them to help push through the larger quantities. The response from them that we got was basically: as long as they are similar (basically identical with only a few word differences) and are in compliance than you can submit to your hearts content, but please keep in mind we do have limits as to what we can do. Best of luck.

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