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Non-GMO Corn for sale

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Hello Forum,

My farm has extra Non-GMO corn available this year, about 600 bushel (around 570 50# bags). It's Yellow #2 field corn. It's not certified organic, but it is grown without pesticides or herbicides. We're using most of this year's crop, sold about 600 bushel so far, and this is the last we have. I have a deal with my farmer so he sets the prices and gets what we sell to cover costs.

We're selling it as-is; first to pay gets it. We'd like to have it accounted for before winter hits.


$12.00 per bushel, if you take the entire 600 bushel, unbagged. Just bulk grain. You'll need to arrange delivery/pickup. I don't have a grain truck to spare.

$14.00 per 50# bag if you want it bagged and not ground. 200 bag minimum.

$17.00 per 50# bag if I have to take it in to the mill to clean it, mill it, and bag it. 200 bag minimum.

If you want less than 200 bags, the cost will jump to $20 per bag. It's a real pain in the rear!

Shipping is included in the St. Louis area. (I'd prefer if the buyer comes and picks it up, though.) Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer if outside the St. Louis Area.

Just have corn. No other crops right now. May have extra winter wheat in the Spring.

Send me an email t0 chris (at) coulterandpayne.com if you're interested.

Chris Burnette
Coulter & Payne Farm Distillery
Shawnee Bend Farms
Union, Missouri
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