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Waiting for our bottles, can we serve wine for a special event?


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Our downtown merchant association is holding their annual Noel Night in a couple of weeks (an evening of retail specials and food and beverage provided complimentary at shops). Unfortunately we are waiting for label approval for our vodka and won't be able to sell or serve tastings of our product. Are we allowed to offer complimentary wine in the tasting room visitors that stroll into check out the new distillery in town?

Thank you,


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Hi Amy!

From my understanding of Colorado law that would be outside of the scope of your license. The CO Distillers Guild has talked about this and it may be addressed with the state legislator at some point. Sounds like the shop is coming along and it looks great! The Distillers Guild will be having a membership drive in January and I will hit you guys up for membership. I will be in Durango for Snowdown and will definitely be in for a cocktail!



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Thanks PT - I thought MAYBE since we weren't selling it we could get away with it. The Noel Night shoppers kind of expect a bit of elixir at every stop. They'll just have to enjoy our free apps and maybe some hot chocolate! We are finally getting close - just waiting for label approval which should be very close to Christmas - we might be bottling Christmas Day if we can get a quick turnaround on the bottles! Looking forward to seeing you in January - thank you so much for all of expertise you have shared with us the past few months - so very helpful!!!

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