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New Make Whiskey

Dave Rigo

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Our distillery has grown and with our newest still we have some extra capacity. We are currently offering the following new make barrels for sale, with these grain bills:

70% Corn, 23% Rye, 7% Malted Barley

70% Corn, 23% Wheat, 7% Malted Barley

*** Custom Grain Bills are available for quantities of 10 or more.***

We are offering the standard grain bills at the following prices and quantities for purchase. Minimum order is 4 barrels.

4-10 barrels = $1200

10+ barrels = $1100

Custom Grain Bills = Price will be determined after discussing grain bill and quantity

All Bourbon arrives to you in 53 gallon Char 4 ISC oak barrels. All orders require 50% deposit up front and 50% before shipment. Transfer in Bond paperwork and a valid DSP must be presented before we can ship barrels. If you do not have a DSP but are working on it we do have storage available. Stored barrels require 100% payment in full and will have a minimal storage fee each month. White Whiskey samples are available for the two standard grain bills listed above. All sample bottles are subject to a $10 freight fee (limit 1 per customer). Lead times are currently 8 weeks. Larger orders may require extra time. All pricing is FOB our distillery. Please contact Dave at the following email address with additional questionsdave@bourbonmaker.com .

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