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Disposal of bad batch/fermentation


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Lets say I end up with 300g of a bad fermentation that must be disposed of. We have a great relationship with our farmers and they are going to take our stillage and use it as feed. Could a bad fermentation of higher abv be disposed of this way? After dilution? The local government is interested in our BoD, TSS and how we are going to handle a bad batch. Anyone have any suggestions on a response? We are going to have a 300g still, to put our scale in mind.

What other sources of BoD and TSS would we need to look into besides stillage and wasted batches?

Thanks in advance

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Depends on the nature of the bad batch. In the example you mention, technically you could still distill, recover alcohol and other volatiles, destroy the alcohol, and then dispose of stillage as normal. Just let them know that you would probably be out of business before it ever became a major problem for them.

lol I love that last bit. Thanks for the response, it was inline with what I was thinking.

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