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Haccp plan


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Hello and I am sorry to post this again I know it has been posted on here before but no luck of finding it,

I am struggling to complete my Haccp plan and hard to find People near me to review it. I was wondering if anyone is willing to let me see there's and compare and take notes from so I can have it mailed out for review by my Liquor commission.

Any help would be great!



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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It identifies any possible hazard that may be introduced to a consumer product (such as alcohol in a bottle) that could cause injury such as broken glass in the bottle or sharp caps that may cause cuts on the hand. Critical control points can be areas where you inspect the product throughout the process and at various points to prevent and check for hazards.

One good thing about our Distilled products is that most biological hazards won't survive through distillation.

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Your HACCP plan should be a step by step list of your operation form receiving the raw product to the product sitting on the consumer counter top. You need to review every step in the process, and determine if a hazzard could occur at each step. There must be at least one hazzard in a product. When a step with the possibly of a hazzard is identified (a hazzard can be a physical, chemical, biological) a control needs to be setup to monitor that step. The control thens needs to have a report to ensure the product completed that step and was not effected by the possible hazzard. The report then needs to be signed by someone who is HACCAP certified. There's more to but that covers the basics.

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