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Hard cider distillation with Chlorophenol


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I have a few thousand litres of hard cider that appears to have been contaminated with a chlorine steriliser while being juiced.

No good for hard cider but does anyone know if distillation will reduce the chlorophenol taste?

I have an alembic pot so I need to do a minimum of 2 runs before I can tell if I have got rid of it.

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Is this average hypochlorite?

That is one thing that yes, will, lead to issues, but not as serious. The one of concern is actually your good old household variety Cl2, and chloramines to an extent.

They are extremely reactive and will lead to off tastes in your spirit that may not be noticeable in less concentrated forms (Such as mash).


This is why I rarely, if ever use unfiltered municipal water in any stage of producing an alcoholic beverage.

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I don't want to dump all this hard cider so I am bringing my question to the forum again

Any ideas on how to reduce the chlorophenol taste?

It is a waste of 2 days of distillation if I run it, but someone knows it won't work

Or is there another method?

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