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Grain Quantities


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Just getting started and I want to start search for grain suppliers. How do I estimate the quantities I will need to create bourbon. Understand there are a number of variables, but what can I use as a starting point for corn, rye, and barley requirements. Looking for amounts per barrel and I can forecast out. Thanks!

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I'll echo Bluestone's sentiment. Batch size and type of equipment are going to dictate what your needs are and your yields.

Recipes are scalable and often done by percentages. There are several posts that can be found by searching these forums so I won't rehash it all (heck most have a better understanding and explanation of the topic than I do).

The best advice I have received so far is to read everything I can get my hands regarding this business.

This includes authorities like Fermented Beverage Production which after being told and reading a portion of it, should be impressed upon newcomers to the commercial distilling industry as required reading. I am waiting for my complete copy and plan to study study study to improve upon my numbers.

Best of luck to you.

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