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Hello from Durham, NC


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Wow! I'm glad I can finally post. I have been trying to get my account activated on here for almost a year (the site was reading my computer as coming from blocked IP!).

Anyway, we are a husband (chemist/ Distiller) and wife (digital marketer/ CEO) team who has been getting our distillery, Durham Distillery, started for the past few years now. My wife has been posting on here, but glad I could finally join...

The information on here has been invaluable for getting our distillery going and wanted to thank everyone. It has taken much longer than we thought, but we have our DSP, our formulas submitted, and construction has started on our building with anticipated completion in April. Thanks again to everyone on here! I’ll try to contribute with my experiences/knowledge where I can…


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Welcome Lee. It's nice to see another husband and wife in this together! My wife and I are also in this together, I told her that if our marriage can survive this, it can survive anything! :P You're a little ahead of us but we have our place secured and our zoning permit approved so we feel pretty good about that! So you were able to get your DSP prior to the completion of your building? I thought your distillery had to be pretty much completed before you could apply for your DSP. I just learned something! Good luck to you!

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Yeah, for the federal DSP, no issue. As long as you have a bond in place, your still serial number, your lease and floor plans, funding secured, company set-up (LLC, S-corp etc) you can apply (there may be another item or two needed..can't think of it right now..possibly insurance). My guess is your state (like ours)needs to see your operation before issuing any permits on the state level, though.

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