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Sulfur Dioxide Treated Barrels


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I just placed an order for 25 gallon wine barrels from a cooperage. The cooperage says they can do any level of char I need (going with #3). When I received the invoice it says "each barrel treated w/ sulfur dioxide". I assume this is some standard verbiage for wine barrels and will not be applied to my barrels. Does anybody have any experience with barrels treated with sulfur dioxide? Is this okay for whiskey or do I need to tell them not to treat the barrels?

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If the barrel has been aired out for some time afterwards, it will be fine. The most important detail is the way in which the barrel was treated; if they used metabisulfites, or outrightly burned sulfur within the open barrel (This is old world and super unlikely), you may have more reason to be concerned. If they filled it with gas, you should be fine.

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