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Location Location, Perfect location for Distillery or Winery

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Hey All,

I have a perfect location for a distillery or winery or both, located in Northwestern Indiana. The main building is 56x80 with 27' to the truss, you could easily add a second floor for distilling equipment and use the lower level for ageing. Easy access to well water (20'-25'), relaxed zoning, beautiful setting and landscape, can easily be made into a destination.

I also have a smaller building that would make a great tasting room or office.

There is room to expand as there is a second large building that could also be used. Ideally I would like to get a distiller in one and a winery in the other and truly make this a destination for any spirit lover.

Lomax Station is a historical site once owned by the Erie Railroad situated on the Kankakee River. There is no historical registration for the site so there is no issue on usage, it is zoned commercial.


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The place can become a real destination. There are 6 wineries and 1 craft brewer in the area, I can see tour busses on the weekends.

The county is always looking to attract new businesses so I don't think they will be an issue.

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