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"Going public" with labels before even starting COLA process


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We are in the midst of designing our labels and waiting on our DSP license. We went public on social media and we were very well received (people go crazy when you bring up the fact that you're opening a distillery!) and we want to keep feeding content to manage the hype as we build up to first fire. Would it be inappropriate (or even illegal?) to add to our website/social media images of our bottles with the finalized artwork but unapproved labels?

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We went public with ours the moment we got our DSP (6 days ago).

If there's any changes which will be required, they will probably me very minimal and the customer won't even notice (at least with our design/wording) and we wanted to start putting our branding into the memory of our prospective customers.

Personally I wouldn't release it too soon, you want to be able to keep your hype ball rolling and not have a big lull in updates.


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Your identity and labels look great Skaalvenn!

Thanks! I owe almost all of it to the geniuses at The Shinebox creative in Minneapolis. We've been working with them over the last ~3 months developing our branding and image and I think they did a phenomenal job. We haven't sold a single bottle yet, but I'm confident it was the best investment I've made to date.


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