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  1. I have one of your regular stills. I appreciate the technical support you gave for what was wrong from the factory, but I'm good on future purchases.
  2. We do a lot of R&D with vacuum in our lab. There's a time and place for vacuum distillation, some things taste and smell better when done at low pressure/temperature and some things taste and smell better with traditional distillation methods. Same goes for just about everything out there. Some flavors are better when directly infused, pressure infused, vacuum infused, vapor distilled, steeped, or combinations of methods. We have a large array of tools for creating, extracting, or manipulating flavors/aromas/textures but sometimes the age old methods are the best choice. Distilli
  3. I don't have time to go read the manual to remember how, but we have ours set to proof. Is the manual available online, or have you called Anton?
  4. No worries. It's hit or miss. Thurs/Fri/Sat are generally not good. I generally work with about knowing my life only 24-48 hours in the future, so just ping me close to whatever day you're thinking might work. Thanks
  5. Packaging Logistics https://packlogic.com/ (763) 754-9461 We've been using them for years and are very happy with the service. The big companies may have everything you need, but when you really need those pallets they'll wait 3-4 days or more before replying to your email (probably saying they're backordered). Packaging logistics is a smaller business who still cares about the smaller customers and I always have a response within minutes. Tell them Tyson referred you. Thanks!
  6. Off the top of my head I'm not sure. It's a Rite boiler, I think around 750k BTU. There is no perfect setup for someone on a budget. Right now we're running them more often than not, and that takes labor which could otherwise be spent making money. Just remember this. Mashing, fermenting, distilling, bottling, cleaning and all that other manufacturing stuff doesn't make you a single dime, it only gives you the ability to make a dime.
  7. Thanks! We're running again in a little bit with about a half dozen changes made, including adding down slope to the return pipe. The original design was ever so slightly sloped back towards the column, but that is changed now. Hopefully it works. With all the changes we made I won't know for sure which one does the trick (if any). Fingers crossed.
  8. We also have a 2x column vodka still that we're trying to get running correctly. 100ish gallon kettle with an 8" packed column directly on top, deph, and then going into a 2nd 8" packed column which is significantly above the liquid level. Originally the 2nd column just had a U-bend before dumping into the pot above the liquid level. We modified it so that there's a 3/4" line running below the liquid, and we added a vent hole to the 90 above the liquid level. The problem we're having is that when running the 2nd column the still surges, probably similar to what's happening in Mors9s st
  9. Absolutely. This week is pretty hectic, next week should be better. Give me a shout -Tyson
  10. You (generally) don't want to mix column internals on the same pot. Plate design "A" will have an optimal flow through it. Too much and it floods, too little and it goes dry. Packing design "B" will have it's own flow rates. packing design "C" will have it's own flow rates. It might just work, but it isn't optimal. You might have perfectly balanced plates but flooded packing, or perfectly balanced plates and the vapor velocity just blasts past the packing, rendering it nearly useless.
  11. We moved after about 3 years and it wasn't so bad. The only issue was getting the lease dates and the TTB to line up properly so we weren't pissing away $15,000 in rent for the "maybe it will be this month?" wait when it comes to applying for the initial, or amending a DSP. I think ours took about 50 days and a lot of phone calls during the last week.
  12. Not sure if I'm reading this correctly. Are you saying TIB of bottled spirits is no longer authorized? I know bottle transfers were made legal with the original (temporary) tax reduction in 2017, but I was never sure if that was part of the temporary law or a permanent change.
  13. I went from an electric 150 gallon stripping/rum still and a 65 gallon vodka still to a natural gas powered steam 300 gallon still and 100 gallon vodka still. At about $0.135 per kw/h I'm saving about $800 per month on my energy bill. I'm also heating up my 300 gallon still in about 1/3 of the time it took my electric still to heat up--basically I'm nearly halfway done with my 2x larger run before my old electric still produced it's first drop. Since I had my steam line setup for expansion, when I switched out the vodka still the cost of having steam plumbed was about $1500 which w
  14. In the cold and dry climates static is a rather large concern and can form very easily.
  15. I do. We are using it again for the next two weeks and then it will be available again.
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