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  1. You (generally) don't want to mix column internals on the same pot. Plate design "A" will have an optimal flow through it. Too much and it floods, too little and it goes dry. Packing design "B" will have it's own flow rates. packing design "C" will have it's own flow rates. It might just work, but it isn't optimal. You might have perfectly balanced plates but flooded packing, or perfectly balanced plates and the vapor velocity just blasts past the packing, rendering it nearly useless.
  2. We moved after about 3 years and it wasn't so bad. The only issue was getting the lease dates and the TTB to line up properly so we weren't pissing away $15,000 in rent for the "maybe it will be this month?" wait when it comes to applying for the initial, or amending a DSP. I think ours took about 50 days and a lot of phone calls during the last week.
  3. Not sure if I'm reading this correctly. Are you saying TIB of bottled spirits is no longer authorized? I know bottle transfers were made legal with the original (temporary) tax reduction in 2017, but I was never sure if that was part of the temporary law or a permanent change.
  4. I went from an electric 150 gallon stripping/rum still and a 65 gallon vodka still to a natural gas powered steam 300 gallon still and 100 gallon vodka still. At about $0.135 per kw/h I'm saving about $800 per month on my energy bill. I'm also heating up my 300 gallon still in about 1/3 of the time it took my electric still to heat up--basically I'm nearly halfway done with my 2x larger run before my old electric still produced it's first drop. Since I had my steam line setup for expansion, when I switched out the vodka still the cost of having steam plumbed was about $1500 which w
  5. In the cold and dry climates static is a rather large concern and can form very easily.
  6. I do. We are using it again for the next two weeks and then it will be available again.
  7. We recently looked into getting a ~750 gallon stainless IBC for spirits--when full it basically exceeds the weight limit of any pallet jack scale (and most forklifts). It's the part of scaling up that requires a bit of extra thinking (and $).
  8. We have a 6 spout for sale, it will change your world compared to the Enolmatic. Xpress are good fillers, but they are loud and only go up to 4 spouts. We've used the following fillers here over the years: Enolmatic Xpress Mori VitnerVault Criveller Each has it's own advantage and disadvantage. Feel free to give me a call if you're interested in our filler.
  9. You want to send employees up a ladder and have them try to dump 50lb bags into a steaming tank? I get that many of us are true small businesses, with actual tight budgets, and that most of us WANT the best and safest equipment/processes but lack the funds to put those expensive things in place. However, regularly going up a traditional ladder, more than a step or two, with a 50lb bag is a serious injury or death just waiting to happen. You'll want a catwalk with a platform where you can set a pallet of grain for the worker to safely handle it. As far as dust goes, we used to mi
  10. Basically from what I was told, if it looks like something you wouldn't run in your old lawnmower then it's done. We had some heating elements that were not low watt density and the system was open to the air, so they had quite a bit of oil coked on them. Heatup and cooldown of the system caused air exchange, which greatly increased oxidation. The types of things learned years after building the still... The still ran fine for years, but you could tell performance was suffering. I did try replacing it with a non-oil based high performance heating fluid (glycol based if I remember righ
  11. Depends on the watt density per square inch of the heating elements used in the oil, and if there's active circulation. Thermal oil can and will break down over time, especially if exposed to oxygen and brought past it's thermal boundaries.
  12. Have used Hoochware for years and recently switched to Whiskey Systems. I'm happier now.
  13. THIS HAS BEEN SOLD I thought I listed this previously, but I couldn't find it. Looking to move our 6 spout gravity filler that we purchased new from Criveller. There's nothing wrong with it, we just don't use it anymore as we're upgrading to an automated filling line. This is the same unit GW Kent sells for $1750 (not including pump). This is the same unit: https://www.gwkent.com/6-spout-gravity-filling-machine.html Includes upgraded FloJet G70 diaphragm pump and some hoses without ends, includes user manual and original receipt. The standard unit comes with a flojet "beer" pump whi
  14. Absolutely. It’s a small cost to help keep good people.
  15. I recently switched from hoochware to whiskey systems and I am very happy I did. Hoochware had a lot of bugs but the owner was usually quick to solve them over the years. However, about as soon as I told him I was switching to WS the Hoochware owner basically said I was on my own--even though I pointed out there were some errors in the TTB reports that I uncovered after doing a final audit.
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