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Steam injected Still using fittings for electric?


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yes, I have and do.

on one still I use them to generate the steam (like a steam boiler) for one of my continuous stills. Make sure you maintain your water level correctly or you could burn up your elements.

The electric elements are no different than a Electric powered steam boiler you can buy( like a commercial model). but instead of being 1"npsm (water heater)they would be more like 1"mnpt or 2"mnpt and 3-phase or 1-phase.

remember if you want to easily cut the power( by 75%) of a 220v element lets say is 20 amps (watts /volts=amps), just run it on 120vac so that same element would be 5 amps. It sounds hard to believe, but trust me thats what it is when you put an amp clamp on it.

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