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Question for Idaho Distillers


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We're about 2 weeks away from opening our tasting room. We have our federal and state permits and were in the process of getting our local permit through the city of Lewiston. Since we're the first distillery in our city there seems to be some confusion as to what kinds of licenses we need. Some of the officials are suggesting we need a retail liquor license. And the county is looking at treating us like a grocery store.

Just curious what others in Idaho have gone through.



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Depends (everything depends)on state and local laws. How does your state handle the sale and distribution of alcohol products? Then how is "Tasting" viewed by the state, (if they even have an opinion).

In Virginia, you can only do tastings in a government store, which we are. Took forever to get it done.

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I'm sure you'll have a more definitive answer from some licensed ID distillers soon, but this link is at the bottom of the www.liquor.idaho.gov page: http://www.liquor.idaho.gov/distilled-spirit-sampling-bill.html

If you do indeed have a state manufacture's license and a DSP permit then you are allowed to provide samples out of your tasting room and you cannot charge (but people can always tip, and I'm sure that's encouraged). It appears that these samples must be sold first to the state liquor division and then purchased back after tax payment.You can sell full bottles of spirit for off-premise consumption under your manufacturer's license.

Take what I say with a grain of salt. This is only what I've gleaned from looking at the state website, I believe the folks at Grand Teton helped push this bill through. Any input Teton?

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