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Capsule costs and sources


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We're trying to determine what to use for our bottle toppers. Capsules seem to be where I'd like to go, but prices are all over the place. Can someone give me definitive info on the costs for capsules per bottle? Quality sources for them?

Thank you!

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um, no. Depends what you want. My closure which is an aluminum screw cap runs me .24 after shipping. If you did a plastic one I have heard it all the way down to .05. I fancy bartop will be more. Order 2,000 vs 50k factor in too.

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I have used many types for my customers and myself. They range from .07 for custom printed flat stock plastic to .11 for plain capsule stock colors. Pending your cork size they differ in difficultly to find in stock. Smaller cork size, 19mm is same as wine and stocked most places. For me I usually tell my customers that t-cork and sleeve are about a quarter a bottle. Give or take quantity and capsule/cork design. I know the clear shrink is like .02 each, just clear flat stock. Hope this helps.

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Before the Forum can help we need a little more information. Have you chosen a bottle? if so please share. We need to know what the neck looks like and the neck size.

What equipment do you have to apply the capsules?

Hear is some rough pricing to give you an idea for stock capsules. Most capsule manufactures will only sell in full box quantities. The capsule size and type will determine how many are packed per box.

I no longer sell capsules but I would be happy to give you some referrals. I would need to know what type you want to use to refer you to the right company.

Heat Shrink:

PVC heat shrink 30 x 55mm $0.02 to $0.04 each or $20 to $40 per 1000

Spin Down:

Polylam 28.75 x 55mm $235 per 1000

Aluminum 28.75 x 55 $160 per 1000

Tin 28.75 x 55mm $237 per 1000

Tin 32.75 x 55mm $350 per 1000


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