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Misco Beer Refractometer (measures dissolved solids, SG, brix)


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Has anyone used this?:


I would love to have a reliable, quick way to determine dissolved solids in my wort so I can have a better handle on fermentation performance, if only approximate.

If anyone has an opinion on this little guy, I'd love to hear it before I fork over 450 bucks for the luxury of knowing TDS in my wort. Getting away from hydrometry for tracking fermentation progress would be nice, as would being able to use sterile disposable pipettes to take a sample instead of less sanitary methods.

I guess my biggest worry has to do with how long this thing will last... 1 year warranty for an item like this makes me want to see a review or two....


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mcsology is trying to determine DISSOLVED SOLIDS, which is an indication of fermentable sugars

an Imhoff cone measures UN-dissolved solids that will settle out, I doubt there is much correlation with sugar content

or is there another type?

I use an old but well made hand held optical refractometer, it gives me a guide but I doubt it is as good as a cheap electronic one.

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Thanks for helping clarify peteb.

It's not a necessity, but it would be nice to know what my dissolved solids reading is to get an idea as to whether I have unfermented sugars by comparing the dissolved solids count of the pre-pitch wort to the TDS count of the wash at terminal gravity.

I've had bourbon washes where all fermenters finish at 1.009, and where all finish at .998. My OCD would like to be able to quantify the reason for the difference if possible.

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