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Ferm temp ctrl for open top ss fermenters


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To date we've been fermenting in HDPE totes using belt heaters. However we're about to pull the trigger on a handful of open-top 1200 gallon stainless fermenters which are jacketed on one side. These are about a 5 1/2' cube. I'm inclined to think even in winter we'll need to cool rather than heat to keep the ferm temps at the yeast's sweet spot. The vendor does offer additional jacketing but it's far from free. I also think I may need to rouse/stir the ferment to increase contact w/ the cooled (or heated) side.

Anyone here have experience with this?



Hotel Tango Whiskey

Indianapolis, IN

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We keep the DSP at about 68 degrees and cooling wasn't an issue with our 300 gallon open tops this past winter. Keeping them warm was, which we solved with shrink wrap over the tops.

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