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Rye Rye Rye - Varities used, questions and answers?

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As craft distilling grows and grows so does the demand for their products. Rye based drink being one of them.

Some swear by it, some swear at it, I feel either way that Rye is a part of the craft distilling movement. I thought maybe starting a thread dedicated to Rye questions could be fun.

As a part of the craft distilling growth in NY state we are always looking to get into something new at our distillery, are always being approached with new ideas, and always thinking locally as possible. Recently I had a farmer that wants to grow small grains for us and I thought it could be great having that at our disposal.

He has 17 acres in total and with the craft brewing going off as well we are going to plant some malting barley to work with Cornell but also later in the year a variety of Rye grains.

Who is using Rye out there? If so what's your choice in variety and why?

Anybody ever do trials with different types of Ryes and find different flavor profiles?

Proteins, B-glucans , Crop yields, etc.

Malting rye? Same parameters as malting barley?

I've personally have been told the Danko variety is fantastic for farmer and distiller, also I have never worked with malted rye....could it be fun....?

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