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Washington state craft distillery question


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Rum and agave are products that a person holding a craft license cannot make. You must be licensed as a distiller to make those products. The fee jumps from $100 to $2000. That is the folly of linking craft distilling to agricultural activities, but it is the price paid, I guess, for getting legislators to sign on.

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My answer is correct, but how do you know that? Why trust me? I don't work or speak for the WSLCB.

Seriously, the best advice I can give you is "Call them with questions like this." Don't rely on forum answers, especially when the answer given doesn't cite an authoritative source. I should have said that when I wrote my response. I didn't and that's shame on me.

Good luck. If you want to make rum, buy the more expensive license and do it. You lose no sales/distribution privileges and gain a lot of flexibility with sourcing. But don't believe that. Call Olympia. That's what I do when I have a question.

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