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Hello Richard Fraser from Tennessee starting a new distillery in couple months.

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Make a great product. Tell a compelling story. Make a profit at a competitive price point. Be different, haves lots of capital and marketing

and sales experience. Don't expect a broker or distributor to do a damn thing, unless you can afford to pay them for the effort. Also remember

that the results the broker/distributor will provide pale in comparison to what you have paid. This is not an easy game, the money is Long Term

and not for the foolhardy.

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Thanks. Actually i was thinking of Ole Smokey Moonshine. I know they started early on but they used TAG out of Miami and they grew tremendously .TAG now does Sugarland and doing the same for them. Problem is TAG can't take us on with commitment to Sugarlands.So i am looking for a TAG type company

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Hey Richard,

Even with a good distributor and/or broker (they aren't all evil) you're going to need a decent sales and marketing plan. Ole Smokey was (is) funded by a large capital group, so they have lots of money to spend. You can get the job done, if you want to get out and beat the street.

Let me know if you want to connect and discuss how I may be able to help.

Drop me an e-mail at tony@b-33.net if you want to chat.

And good luck!!!


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