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Mash/Waste Disposal Questions

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Hello all. I am seeing if any other distiller has input on disposal of leftover mash waste that they have had to deal with. I am in talks with a local town and they are positive about me coming to town with my business plan. My goal is to provide farmers with my leftover mash. One issue the town brought up was any waste I would produce. They have a small water facility and cannot deal with major waste/byproducts of production going into the system as it will hurt their processes being so small.

I do not believe at initially producing 200 gallons of spirits a month I would be causing an issue. Has anyone else had to go through water system issues in a small locality or provide information to the local jurisdiction that the distilling process would not affect the system?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Your mash waste solids are an excellent cattle feed. I've heard of farmers picking up poly IBC tanks full of spent mash to feed live stock.

Your heads and tails have a number of options. There is much debate on what to do. What there is consensus on is that Heads can be pitched into active fermentations.With tails, there is debate on redistillation and returning it back to your next distillation. The EU funded a study that found that the highest concentration of Methanol was found in the Tails, however. To avoid any question, the easiest and safest (both environmentally and with the TTB) is to have an outside tank with a secured grate top and let your tails (for that matter your heads, too, if you want to) evaporate.

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