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Hello Distilling Community,

We are getting very close to opening (federal and state are done, equipment being installed, build-out almost complete), but we need a bit of help to push us over the finish line. If any of you are willing, please share our kickstarter campaign on your favorite social media!


We really appreciate the support.


Zach (And Brian) of Red Brick Craft Distillery

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Ha - we are so small I would think of us as companions in the journey towards bringing increased attention to small batch liquor in PA!

You'd not only be supporting little-old-us, but you'd be supporting local barrel makers, malt houses, and farmers.

But seriously, I understand where you're coming from :)

And we will have a slightly different version of the tee shirts for sale when we open. Hope you'll swing by to try the hooch soon!


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We made it to our goal!!! On a related note, we're hoping to have our grand opening August 22nd, but I will make a separate post when we know for sure inviting everyone in the ADI community to join us!

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Great question. You are correct - we cannot offer alcohol as a reward, however, a person interested in making their goal "might" look through other successful distillery campaigns and "might" find previous examples of people using specific wording that somehow is acceptable to kickstarter and "might" copy and paste said wording to take advantage of a strange loop hole. Offering alcohol is definitely not allowed though... We offered a barrel experience...

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I doubt anyone will read this (as this thread is long dead), but we are sad to have to push back our opening date. Every. Single. Thing. that could've gone wrong with our electric has gone wrong. I won't go into details, but as soon as it's all resolved, I'll re-announce our opening and again invite everyone from the ADI community who's around to come on out!


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